chambre intérieur

attractive interiors

Open the door and drop your keys. At the end of the hallway, you notice sun rays filtered by the curtains slowly dancing on the bedroom floor.

A delicate scent hangs in the air, so you go to the kitchen island and see a freshly baked lemon cake. You get a slice, then read a book on the sofa. You are home.

The importance of
Lighting, Electricity, Network, Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Plumbing
Custom joinery, Furniture, Flooring, Wallpapers, Painting, Decor




Comfort and luxury are intangible feelings, however there are very practical ways to enable them: 


Control the temperature through efficient insulation (so the place doesn't become too cold in winter or too hot in summer) and opt for a modern heating system (heatpump, gas hybrid, wood pellets, ...) which will warm you up without unnecessary cost nor harm to the environment.

Optimise the ventilation with modern window and door frames, regulate indoor moisture with efficient evacuation from the wet areas (bathroom, kitchen). Around 40%-50% humidity is ideal. Some of our clients are surprised to learn it is the second most important factor in creating a comfortable environment.

Illuminate the space with carefully selected light zones, light color and easy controls. Darker areas also help in staging the spaces and drag the eyes towards the light.

"Design is not just what it looks like & feels like.

Design is how it works"

- Steve Jobs





We propose to meet you for a personalised session to boost your projects and provide solutions to your specific situation.

We start by getting to know your property and understanding your desires ; when the challenge is clearly defined, we draft a solution together. Whether you would like to bring the family life into your kitchen or disconnect from the noise while working from home, we will define the best solutions at hand.

At the end of the consultation, you will know which steps to take in order to bring your desire to reality: how to prepare the site, which furniture to buy, which expert to contact, which materials & colors to select from. All the information will be summarised in sketches & text and sent to you in digital format.

first hour offered
then € 60 / hour

Interior Design

For us, a good design is born at the intersection of what the building has to offer, what the client desires and what the designer imagines.

We pride ourselves in deeply analysing the circulation of the occupants inside the property together with connections to the outside areas, daily activities and (often forgotten) small habits.
We shape each room using all physical methods possible: Ceiling, floors & walls surfaces, integrated joinery, furniture. We also use all possible visual tricks such as: precise alignments, specific textures, perfect lighting, concentration vs void and hardware accents.

The style we propose is a modern classic: Clean aesthetics with a nod to an elegant past, our designs are crafted in a way that doesn’t belong to the fashion of the moment so it never goes out of style.
We create all visual content necessary: from sketches, precise plans to stunning 3D visualisations.


usually around
€ 55 / m²

Project Management


With extensive experience in managing a varied range of private and commercial projects, we propose a fluid way of communicating, deciding, controlling and reporting. We oversee operations ranging from the demolition works to the delivery of furniture and decoration items.

We centralise all information (reports, documents, pictures) in a single place for ease of communication and referencing. We redact clear documents for our clients, the contractors and all other parties involved. Each project is monitored regularly to avoid delays and cost overruns.

Our clients deserve to know what happens, when it does and how much it will cost in the end. To achieve this, we share an updated project timeline, detailed site reports with pictures of the progress made and a cost breakdown.

usually around
€ 45 / m²



The following pictures illustrate projects we have helped to realise, as well as typical examples of the style we propose to our clients. 





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