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chambre intérieur

attractive places

Open the door and drop your keys on the console. In front of you, sun rays are slowly dancing on the wooden floor.

A delicate scent hangs in the air... you go to the kitchen cut yourself a slice of lemon cake, then relax on the sofa with a good book. You are home.

With Magnétique, my goal is to bring this serenity to your home. I design attractive places, where your daily life has a natural flow, places where indoors and outdoors are connected.

The process of building or renovating a property should also be fluid and seamless. Unfortunately the reality is often different and clients are left to ask "Who is responsible for this?" or "Why the delay?".

This is why I lead each project from conception to construction, removing most hurdles and gaps associated with a classic building experience.


Magnétique creates attractive places in a smooth and efficient way.


Is it possible to recycle construction waste?

How could I use less raw materials & energy?

What can reduce the project's ecological footprint?


I may not have all the answers figured out,

 but I will research and propose the most appropriate solution to each situation.

That's a promise.


what you get

At Magnétique, we provide 3 different services from which you can select and combine what is best suited to your needs and to the timeline of your project:





Each service can be selected individually, although it is recommended to combine Conception and Construction to allow for an efficient project.


"consulting-4095106" icon by Teewara Soontorn, from

€ 60 / hour (first hour offered)

This is a discussion.


I propose to meet for a personalised session to provide solutions to your specific situation.

I start with an inspection of the property. I listen to your desires and when the challenge is clearly defined, I draft a solution together with you. Whether you would like to bring the family life into your kitchen or disconnect from the noise while working from home, I will define the best solutions at hand.

At the end of the consultation, you will know which steps to take in order to make your desires become a reality: what to remove, what to keep, what to display and how you should tackle your project. Depending on the situation, I may illustrate more complex ideas with rough sketches.

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€ 55 / m² for plans & renders

Here you get documents.


I start by measuring the property in the existing situation and putting it on a plan. Secondly, I use sketches to re-imagine the place according to your needs. We review it together before fixing the vision into plans. Finally the plans are developed into realistic renders, which facilitates your selection of colours and materials.


I pride myself in focusing on the circulation inside the property and the connections to the outside areas, daily activities and (often forgotten) small habits. I shape each place with the same goals:  simplicity, apparent symmetry and focal points. Technology allows comfortable living but I defend the understated beauty of hiding it as much as possible.

At the end of the conception, your project is clearly defined on plans and the vision is set in renders.

"construction-2340291" icon by Icon Market, from

€ 45 / m² for project management

This is where the action happens.


I start with pricing the works and selecting the best partners for the task. After you approve the costs, I plan the timeline of events and now we begin to create your attractive place! My team will move, transform, install and furnish your property. Throughout these events, I propose a fluid way of communicating with all information (reports, documents, pictures) centralised in a single place. You deserve to know what happens, when, and how much it will cost. Each project is monitored regularly to guarantee high quality, to manage potential delays and avoid cost overruns. I share updates to the project timeline, detailed site reports and a cost breakdown.

At the end of the construction, your project is a reality! It is time to enjoy your attractive place... You are home!

"Design is not just what it looks like & feels like.

Design is how it works"

- Steve Jobs


get inspired

The following pictures are a glimpse of the style I like to propose to clients. Notice the emphasis on vast amounts of light, symmetry,  streamlined places, restraint in the circulation areas and abundance of eye catching details in the focal areas. The shapes and materials are  carefully selected to match existing building features (such as windows, railings, walls, floors) and the surrounding built and natural environment.


I love to create "modern classics" : Clean aesthetics with a nod to an elegant past, my designs are crafted in a way that doesn’t belong to the fashion of the moment so it will never go out of style.


get in touch


Polski - Français - English - Nederlands


My name is Michel Zaniewski, but most people simply call me Mike.

I like to think of myself as a globetrotter, having visited over 20 countries on 5 continents and having lived in breathtaking New Zealand for a few years. Just like my travels have taken me to some interesting places, so has my career journey. In a previous life, I was a Human Resources consultant, data analyst and I hold a Master in Social Psychology.

But a passion for design has lived within me for as long as I can remember. So in 2017, I made a bold choice to renovate and redesign my career path. For 3 years, I designed and supervised renovation projects for luxury properties in the Brabant, Antwerp, Miami, Boston and New York areas.

I then spent 2 years as project manager, overseeing the renovation of offices for start-ups and scale-ups in the Brussels and Antwerp areas. Having worked for both residential and corporate clients, I realised that home design is where my passion lies.

From that revelation, Magnétique was born. A Belgian design and renovation company whose vision is to create attractive places and make good designs accessible for all.


+32 472 898 298


Drève de Colipain 163

1420 Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium


Limited Liability Company (SRL - BV)

BE 0786.701.969

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